Who We Are

Tidewater Sharks, in conjunction with the WISC, are a 100+ Little Sharks Academy, 600+ player recreational league, an Advanced Preparation (AP) developmental program and 36 youth travel teams from U9 to U18. Our travel teams are placed in the Virginia Soccer League (VSL), Virginia National Premier League (NPL), and Tidewater Advanced Soccer League (TASL).

Our Mission

Creating a positive, inspiring, safe and competitive environment for our players to succeed not only on the soccer field but in all other facets of life.

We place our players in the most competitive environments tailored to their skill level, appropriate age, and mental development. We offer a tiered development structure that progresses from Recreation Soccer, to Advanced Preparation (AP) Soccer, to then three levels of Travel Soccer (TASL, VSL and NPL). The leagues, tournaments, State Cup, camps, game-film analysis, speed and agility training, Yoga, indoor Futsal opportunities, and personal training are all available to give our players confidence to feel strong and be inspired.

We create a supportive, family-friendly environment where we acknowledge our players academic achievement, community-focused success, and extra-curricular activities. We believe in the “whole athlete” to include inter-personal skills, leadership, and togetherness. We have a Sisters in Soccer (SIS) program to encourage the relationships between older Sharks Players and younger players. Our older Boys Programs support the AP program by coaching teams and encouraging the future of Sharks. Our goal is to make every parent, coach and player feel like they are a part of the Sharks Family.

Our goal is to encourage our players to be respectful, humble and gracious while building a love of the game. Creating opportunities to give back to the community is important for our players and parents to show we truly care about the Williamsburg, Yorktown, New Kent, and surrounding communities. We also create an atmosphere to improve their knowledge of the game by attending W&M soccer games, CNU soccer games, and hosting World Cup or NCAA Soccer Events, and sharing the love of the game with others.

We offer opportunities for our players to succeed after they leave Tidewater Sharks. There are college recruiting programs, SAT testing support, trips to DC, sports psychology availability through our partnership with Performance Pursuit, Nutrition talks, and access to the WISC fitness facility. We want our kids to succeed in life by creating healthy habits and utilizing our support system to educate players about all the resources available to find long-term success.

Our decisions always come down to the question…
"What is best for the player?"

What Makes Us Different

The player comes first. The coaching staff’s primary goal is to provide our teams and players with the best competitive environments available with an emphasis on long-term player development. We encourage all technical and tactical aspects of the game conducive to the player’s age and ability. Furthermore, we deem it necessary to educate our players on what it takes to be the complete athlete. This includes understanding the value of team development along with individual improvement, nutrition, benefits of age-appropriate weightlifting, agility and fitness and the college recruiting process. We emphasize healthy communication between the parent, athlete and coach to understand and reach the player’s full potential.

What We Value

A respectful relationship between coaches, parents, and players.

An appreciative awareness of opponents, referees, coaches, parents, and teammates. We respect the game of soccer and the positive impact it has on the lives of others. We honor the rules of the game. We strive to make the right decision at the right time for the right reason.

We believe constant communication between team managers, coaches, parents, Tidewater Sharks staff and WISC staff creates a healthy and safe environment for players to excel at the highest level.

Encouraging all the players to understand the importance of striving for excellence with tenacity and hard work.

Player Development
Individualizing our efforts as coaches to understand how to best motivate/coach our players and placing them in the most competitive environments to be successful.

Understanding players develop at different times and therefore we must adjust practices, games, and the environment conducive to these staggered levels.

All athletes regardless of gender or age have an opportunity to develop in the best environments to include facilities, coaches, and teammates.